Our philosophy.

I love to keep bikes running. Some of my favorite bikes to work on are the well loved steel mountain bikes of the 80s that might be in their 4th or 5th reincarnation. Few things beat riding a well maintained bike.

With that said, as with any piece of equipment, one dose of proper maintenance will rarely make up for years of neglect! If your bike is in serious disrepair, that doesn’t mean we won’t do our best work, but we’ll always be honest when telling you what you can expect to gain from the service we provide.


We stock some basic parts to keep your bike running. If you need specialty parts, or are looking to make an upgrade, we can help you select and order those parts, which are usually just 2 days away.

In some cases, when you buy parts or accessories from us, we’ll be able to install them free of charge. Some installations are more labor intensive and will be done for a very reasonable charge.

If you’d like to bring your own parts, whether you purchased them online or anywhere else, we’d be glad to install or work on them at a very reasonable cost.

$60 – Basic Tune Up

  • Full cleaning, including frame, wheels, components and drivetrain.
  • Drivetrain adjustment.
  • Brake adjustment.
  • Headset, crank, and wheel bearing adjustment.
  • Component and tire inspection, including torquing bolts and inflating tires to desired pressure.
  • Basic wheel truing.

$150 – Premium “Like new” Tune Up

  • All basic tune up features.
  • Replace Brake and Shifter cables and housing.
  • Replace the chain, and replace gears if needed (cost of parts not included).
  • Disassemble, clean, and reassemble bearings, or replace cartridge bearings (cost of parts not included).
  • Precision wheel truing.

Other repairs and services, $30 per half hour.

We’ll need to see your bike to give you a quote, so please bring it by, or call in advance if you have any questions.